Below are a sample of reviews by clients of KBS Pilates.

  • Pilates with Colleen has been a revelation! I had a little experience with standard Pilates mat classes in the past, but since being diagnosed with MS in 2012, I found it hard to cope in mat classes. We thought a studio class would be a good way to maintain strength and fitness at a more manageable pace. Colleen’s extensive Pilates knowledge and training mean that she can quickly adapt exercises if we encounter any difficulties. That dialogue has worked particularly well too as we moved to online Zoom 2-to-1 mat classes through the pandemic lockdown. As the sessions have progressed, we've improved beyond our expectations. My MS specialist has celebrated the difference in my movement, strength and increased energy over the course of two years with Colleen. I am in better shape than we have been in years, all thanks to Colleen's teaching, guidance and motivation.
  • I have no hesitation in recommending Colleen. I have been having one-to-one sessions for some time and found her to be a skilled professional, who carries out each session competently and safely. During lockdown, I carried on with my sessions by Zoom as I trusted her completely because of her knowledge and commitment. She adjusted her instruction for Zoom, and I still felt just as much benefit. Her sessions have been particularly beneficial in aiding my recovery from a hip dislocation, as Colleen was able to tailor her instruction to my ability and support me in my recovery. She has excellent communication skills, is friendly and patient, which makes our sessions in the studio and on Zoom enjoyable and rewarding.
  • Pilates has transformed my life - building my strength, flexibility and confidence in managing (and often totally avoiding|) the lower back pain that was previously frequent. Colleen is uncannily perceptive and seems to see or sense everything in my body. She adapts positions and plans very easily and knows when to push me beyond my comfort zone. I feel safe, supported and challenged and I look forward to every session.
  • Feeling on top of the world( after 1:1) Felt I had grown about 3 inches when walking down road today Thank you !