Meet the Team

Katherine Connolly

As the founder of KBC Pilates, I began my Pilates journey as a pupil, looking for relief from my lower back pain. I was so impressed with the results that I decided to train as a teacher to help other people.After initially qualifying with the Pilates Institute in London I taught matwork classes in and around Edinburgh for 6 years, building my experience and a loyal client base.Always looking to improve my knowledge and teaching skills I retrained with Body Control Pilates.

Subsequently, I have worked with some of the best teachers in Britain and Europe to qualify as a Studio teacher, putting clients through their paces on the equipment developed by Joe Pilates himself.I have particularly enjoyed training to work with clients who require specialist help, such as those with bone health issues, ante or post natal Pilates and Pilates for seniors.

My aim at the studio is to provide clients, whether in a group or private environment, with a relaxed, supportive atmosphere in which to enjoy the benefits of Pilates.


Amy has practiced Pilates for over six years and in January 2015 she began her matwork teacher training at Body Control Pilates, London. She qualified as a matwork teacher in September 2016. With a background in hospitality and customer care, Amy is excited to welcome you into class and to share her freshly acquired knowledge of biomechanics and good movement practice to create a fun and energising class environment. When not teaching Pilates, she runs a professional dog walking service, Scoopergirl, with her sidekick Ozzy the Jackadoodle. She also has the running bug and loves how Pilates helps keep her joints juicy so they can handle high impact sport.


About ten years ago I signed up for a Pilates course not knowing what to expect – I’ve been hooked ever since! I love the way it challenges both my mind and my body; how it’s improved my awareness and understanding of alignment and posture; and the way it helps me address annoying and harmful aches and pains. I became a teacher to help bring the benefits to others and trained with the best in the business - Body Control Pilates. BCP provides thorough, up-to-date, and evidence-based Pilates professional development.

I believe Pilates can help everyone. Whether you’re into running, football, dance, weight-lifting, golf or any other sport, it can improve your form, lengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility and boost your core strength and stability. If you’re rehabbing from injury, ‘prehabbing’ prior to treatment, or have a chronic condition, Pilates can safely restore or build strength, stability, and movement skills in a low-impact environment. Or if you’re just looking for an effective exercise to give you a healthy spine, supple joints, and good posture then Pilates is what you need