Meet the Team

Colleen Bowen

My passion for Pilates began over 20 years ago. Having suffered from numerous injuries as an athlete and a runner, I found Pilates not only as a way to rehabilitate, but a way to find balance within the body and an improved alignment. Following the birth of my first son, Pilates became even more essential for my body, and in 2015 I completed my Comprehension Studio and Mat Qualification with Polestar Pilates in London. Subsequently, I have undertaken further training and workshops in Pre/Post Natal Pilates, Osteoporosis, and Pilates for Seniors.

With my teaching, I utilise both the Pilates mat series, as well as the studio equipment to help my clients access a greater range of motion and purse goals within their bodies. Through my teaching, I strive to create an excellent movement experience, so that my clients can be the best version of themselves!

Colleen is the owner of KBC Pilates, and looks to create a supportive studio environment in both private sessions and group classes, so that everyone can benefit from Pilates.

Amanda Xue Hai

For Amanda, Pilates is not only a physical exercise, but a tool and a movement language to help you to align your body and mind to its highest potential. She will create programs and building blocks that help her students to reach these goals, whether it is recovering from a specific injury or preparing for/recovering from a pregnancy or simply to challenge one's physicality.

Amanda's classes are built on the BASI Pilates Block System® principles and combining anatomical and somatic knowledge she gained throughout her Contemporary Dance education and professional dance career in Switzerland, Denmark and Belgium. To recover from her dance injuries, Amanda moved back to The Netherlands in 2016. She took Pilates classes at The Movement Practice in Amsterdam, where she discovered the BASI Pilates method. Through Pilates, her body alignment improved and she regained her full body strength. Having experienced these benefits, Amanda decided to share it with others by becoming a Pilates instructor. She completed her BASI Comprehensive Global Teacher Training in Amsterdam and has taught in both Amsterdam and Edinburgh. To deepen her Pilates understanding, she is currently doing a continuing education with STOTT PILATES®.

Amanda is also trained with the renowned Kundalini Yoga master Kia Miller and has become a Yoga Alliance recognized Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2020. She has also taken courses in other relevant somatic approaches such as Gyrotonic®, The Feldenkrais Method®, Body-Mind Centering® technique, The Franklin Method®, Active breath.

When not learning or teaching, her 1 year old daughter definitely keeps her busy and entertained.


Over 8 years ago, Pilates was what started it all for Marjorie back home in Chicago. Pilates allowed her to safely explore her own anatomy and strengthen in an effective and sustainable way. As a Movement Practitioner, Marjorie's deeper purpose is to help others unlock their inner worlds through moving their bodies in space, and to create a stepping stone for life long functional movement. Now, with over 300 hours of teaching experience, and five certifications in Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Education, Marjorie is a confident Practitioner in her comprehensive knowledge of various movement methods, human anatomy and serving the unique needs of various populations. Her repertoire includes teaching a variety of Barre, Pilates and Fusion classes, leading workshops and guiding children and adults through Yogic inspired practices.


Fiona began taking Pilates classes as a teenager to help with injuries from Highland Dancing.

Fiona found Pilates to be the best way not just to rehab from injuries but also to build body awareness and focus on alignment and functional movement. Working in the corporate world for the last 20 years she has also found Pilates a great way to counterbalance sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

After almost 30 years of taking classes Fiona decided to train as a Pilates instructor and completed her Reformer training in 2022 and her Mat training in 2023. Fiona is excited to share her passion for Pilates through her classes.