Meet the Team

Katherine Connolly

As the founder of KBC Pilates, I began my Pilates journey as a pupil, looking for relief from my lower back pain. I was so impressed with the results that I decided to train as a teacher to help other people.After initially qualifying with the Pilates Institute in London I taught matwork classes in and around Edinburgh for 6 years, building my experience and a loyal client base.Always looking to improve my knowledge and teaching skills I retrained with Body Control Pilates.

Subsequently, I have worked with some of the best teachers in Britain and Europe to qualify as a Studio teacher, putting clients through their paces on the equipment developed by Joe Pilates himself.I have particularly enjoyed training to work with clients who require specialist help, such as those with bone health issues, ante or post natal Pilates and Pilates for seniors.

My aim at the studio is to provide clients, whether in a group or private environment, with a relaxed, supportive atmosphere in which to enjoy the benefits of Pilates.


My background was originally in dance. I finished a 3 year dance training course at The Theatre School of Dance and Drama in Edinburgh and went on to pursue a dance career on cruise ships and in musical theatre. As a long term Pilates enthusiast and with a keen interest in movement, I felt it was a natural progression to train as an instructor after I’d stopped performing.

I trained with Body Control Pilates during 2004 and qualified as a Level 3 matwork instructor. In that same year, I also qualified as a Sports Therapist, specialising in sports injury rehabilitation, Swedish and sports massage.

In 2017 I completed a lower back pain course with Body Control Pilates and can now add “Lower Back Pain Practitioner” to my resume. I love Pilates, I love the way it makes me feel after I’ve taken part in class and when clients tell me how good they feel after a class; invigorated yet relaxed, was how one client described it.

I’m a member of REPs and attend regular courses throughout the year with the Body Control Pilates Association to keep my profession learning and development knowledge and skills relevant, current and in line with current research.


I am a STOTT trained Pilates instructor, with over 4 years experience instructing Pilates. I have worked extensively alongside Physiotherapists instructing Pilates for physical rehabilitation, including urogenital disorders and sports injuries.

My love of movement began at a young age through dance, and in 2012 I qualified as a classical ballet teacher. After becoming injured I discovered Pilates through which I achieved successful physical rehabilitation! I am currently an Argentine Tango enthusiast and enjoy applying Pilates principles throughout movements in dance.

I am passionate about safe movement techniques and encourage my clients to enjoy the mind-body connection in Pilates for full benefit from each movement.

Sarah Matthews

I have always been passionate about sport and physical activity from a very young age. This led me to study Health and Performance Science at home in Ireland. Having discovered a passion for learning about human movement, my interest in injury prevention grew when I took up rowing for my university. Having seen (and experienced!) my fair share of injuries, I was keen to explore how to recover and, more importantly, prevent them! I was keen to lean more about Pilates, having found it beneficial after I hurt my back. I saw how Pilates is a fantastic way to prevent and recover from injuries, so I decided to study in the National Training Centre in Dublin to become a Level 3 Matwork Instructor.

I have taught Pilates to a variety of clients of all ages, some with chronic health conditions and disabilities. I loved helping people to get stronger, physically and mentally, through Pilates. As I am passionate about helping people, I decided to further my studies and have recently begun a masters in Physiotherapy here in Edinburgh! I love to incorporate elements of what I am learning in my masters with my knowledge as a Pilates instructor in my classes. I encourage safe, controlled movement in all my classes, while facilitating a fun environment to benefit both mind and body.